Thursday, October 24, 2019

Subsea Interventions

Inspection Programs

By employing the very latest concepts in the production of Risk-Based Integrity Systems, coupled with tried and tested electronic database systems, we provide systems solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our intelligent and holistic approach provides a complete packaged service that provides for any of the following;

  • Management of inspection and survey programs,
  • Population of inspection management databases with structured integrity histories,
  • Import of inspection data into database systems and production reports,
  • Liaison with clients asset management and engineers through managed anomaly reviews,
  • Update data systems and review conclusion and actions,
  • Management of remedial activities following anomaly reviews,
  • Revision of maintenance of integrity management documentation and schemes to reflect inspection results and changing business criticality of assets.

The capability of delivering this improved service is based on the use of specialised data systems for the subsea and top side structural systems.

These systems also enable us to:

  • Plan scopes of work,
  • Collect data offshore,
  • Produce reports,
  • Track and manage anomalies,
  • Link electronic information files such as intervention reports, images, digital video and structural documents drawings,
  • Track integrity management annotate comments and actions.

Subsea tie-ins, Hyperbaric Welding and Construction Work

TRM management has been associated with some very large projects; the cumulative experience of the fixed consortium members of the diving side of the consortium has accrued decades of experience.

Experience covers projects in every subsea intervention from air and saturation diving to deep-sea ROV interventions.


We have a large repository of problem solving personnel within the consortium, with 24hr coverage for any problem with an array of specialised equipment to stabilise and control even the most difficult situations.

Subsea Development

The ability to work across the entire lifecycle of a subsea development is the key which differentiates us from the rest. Instead of a narrow technical focus on one specific element of a development project, our broad expertise enables us to add value across each phase of the project. In this way we deliver a consistency of approach, in terms of personnel, systems and organisational compliance to procedures, which ensures that the knowledge from each phase is carried forwards to the next phase, non-compliance issues disappear with this type of organisational philosophy.

By minimising risk you maximise return, the six core elements of a project are:

  1. Concept
  2. Design
  3. Procure
  4. Install
  5. Operate
  6. Decommission

To effectively deliver this broad technical capability we maintain within the consortium a core of personnel experienced in the ten following disciplines:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Structural Engineering
  3. Pipeline Engineering
  4. Hydrographic Survey
  5. Installation Engineering
  6. Project Management
  7. Subsea Control Systems
  8. Compliance Engineers
  9. Integrity Management
  10. Inspection and NDT