Monday, July 22, 2024

Corporate Profile

Triple Rock Marine (here after referred to as TRM) is a global oilfield & energy service provider of engineering procedure writing, primarily to the offshore oil / gas industry and energy sectors.

TRM’s business offerings include but are not limited to, the production of Project Engineering support and Project Management of EPIC & SURF projects, extreme deepwater subsea interventions and installation services.

Vision & Mission Statement

TRM’s mission is to deliver safe and successful energy projects across the world for the benefit of stakeholders. I maintain that focus whether faced with the largest of challenges or the smallest of details.

Today and tomorrow, TRM will work with you, in order to contribute to your success through an integrated systemic project approach.


Founded in 2008, TRM has grown from a desire to provide a one stop shop of offshore oilfield services, operating around the world. TRM has achieved growth by executing a plan of both internal research and development augmented by strategic planning.


TRM strive to reduce the impact of offshore activities to the environment, with respect for nature and humanity through the avoidance of environmental incidents.

TRM work with clients to build a common sustainable strategy for each project, and strive to continually improve performance globally.

Adaptability, with an ability to adapt to new methodologies, and market shifts to stay ahead of the curve.

Problem-solving skills, challenges are inevitable, and can be  approached and mitigated with a logical mindset.

Collaborative mindset, build successful cross-functional collaborative teams, fostering a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing, and creates a collective success of projects.